Temporary shelters in the earthquake zone in Turkey

An assessment of spatial conditions and child services from a girl-centered design approach.

Collective Impact Approach

Considering the needs in the field, we saw that the “collective impact” approach could be the best method for Suna’nın Kızları.

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The ecological systems theory

The ecological systems theory defines the relationship between the child and the social environment of the child through four distinctive systems.

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Child Participation

Child participation as a right can be defined as children taking an active role in decisions on all matters that concern them.

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Girl-centered Programming

Based on children’s safety and participation, girl-centered programming is the process of thinking, designing and implementing.

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Suna’nın Kızları aims first pilot in Şanliurfa

The Suna'nın Kızları team signed its first MoU in Şanliurfa that will enable SK and its community partners to pursue empowerment programs in the five neighbourhoods of the Eyyubiye province.

Which children?

Suna’nın Kızları focuses on the needs of girls (0-18) who do not have access to services supporting their developmental needs, and while doing that, aims to create solutions that will provide benefit to both girls and boys.

  • Being emotionally and physically secure.
  • Not being left behind from school and play.
  • Having a say about their life.
  • Being in an ecosystem where they are supported to realize their dreams.
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10 Dangers to Collective Impact

Our second article on Collective Impact focuses on the risks and challenges to keep the partners together, the meetings meaningul and the learning experience of social change result oriented. Stanford Social Innovation Review's Article titled "10 Dangers to Collective Impact" is more relevant than ever these days.

What we hear from girls and teachers?

“I work in a neighborhood school. There are a lot of broken homes. Therefore, many girls take care of their siblings. After all, for girls, having siblings mean people to look after.”


Middleschool teacher

“I think we need people who will not only give us a schedule for our studies but someone who will understand us and boost our self-confidence.”


An 11th grade student from a private science high school

“I try to bear, I try to endure. It’s very difficult. The opportunities we’re provided with are awkward.”


A 12th grade student from a vocational high school

“There are a lot of quarrels. Sometimes at school, too. Sometimes our school surroundings are also dangerous. Some kids from the 8th grade. They carry knives, arms and stuff.”


A 6th grade student from a middle school